A very peculiar way to publish your book. I bet you never thought of it.

A very peculiar way to publish your book. I bet you never thought of it.

Are you looking forward to publishing your book but you still are unsure about the best way to do it?. I am pretty confident you never thought about doing it this way.

     As I was enjoying my weekend travelling from village to village in the famous area of La Mancha, where the adventures of a quite well-known knight by the name of Don Quixote took place a few centuries ago,  we decided to stop in a village called Almagro. This place is famous for its medieval theatre (Corral de Comedias, 1628 A.D.) still in use to this day. The gastronomy in this town is quite formidable. You will be able to find all the traditional dishes from  La Mancha area as well.

     As I was enjoying one of them, Duelos y Quebrantos (quite a name for scrambled eggs with chorizo ), while I was thinking about the best way to publish my book, suddenly a shop window got my full attention. It was a bookshop right next to the medieval theatre. I stood up and walked away leaving my food uneaten to my family´s surprise. I was attracted to the window like a fly to a streetlight in the middle of the night. Inside it, I could see the most typical thing you will find in a bookshop window, several books, but the odd thing was that all these books were written by the same author, Francisco Romero. A big billboard was hanging outside the shop talking about the author and his work. But who was this writer that had a whole bookshop selling nothing but his manuscripts?.

     Haunted by lots of questions I walked into the shop. Hopefully, curiosity wouldn´t kill this cat. I found the shopkeeper tidying some shelves with his back towards me, as I was about to ask him to shed some light on the matter, he turned around. To my surprise, I was facing the same man that was on the picture outside the shop. He was the man himself, Francisco Romero.

     You could see that he was used to people´s surprised faces when they saw him in the flesh, so before I could open my mouth he put my mind at ease. He explained  that back in 1997, tired of the tyranny of the publishing houses, he decided to create his own publishing company in order to publish his work, and following his philosophy, eight years later, in 2005, he opened his bookshop in order to close the circle from the creation of his book until the final delivery to the reader, cutting all the middlemen, or parasites as he describes them. He told me the advantages of having absolute control of your work,  especially about what you write. According to him, today´s publishing houses treat books and authors like disposables items. If you are not in demand they disregard your work.

     I have to say that his approach was definitely different. Nor in my wildest dreams would I have ever considered creating my own publishing label and opening a bookshop in order to sell my work, but I guess I haven´t written more than twenty books and received several prizes for my work (no worries, there is still plenty of time).

If more people followed his example, Spain would be the country which had the most bookshops in the world instead of being the one with the most bars per capita.

     So now you know, there is always the possibility of following in Francisco´s footsteps or maybe some other ways you will find to publish your work if you think outside the box, just like he did. If you want to check out his work I leave a link to his website:


     Well dear friend Francisco, I wish you the best of luck in your endeavour.

     Me, in the meantime, I think I will stick with publishing my first book in the Kindle universe, surrounded by thousands of millions of other books, like an indiscernible star in the middle of the Milky Way. But maybe, one day, my books will shine on their own bathing in the light of their own universe, just like Francisco´s. One day.

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  1. ¡Maravilloso! Siempre he pensado que hay demasiados bares y muy pocas librerías, pero después de leer esta entrada, me asalta la esperanza. Por supuesto, si tienes un local de tu propiedad, aunque sea pequeño, es mucho más sencillo, porque hay lugares donde es imposible un alquiler. Mi aplauso a Francisco Romero. Me encanta la gente amante de la cultura.

    1. Te doy toda la razón. Muchas gracias por tu comentario.

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