To Blog or not to Blog? That´s the question.

To Blog or not to Blog? That´s the question.

Do you ever wonder why you should blog?. Do you really have something interesting to tell the world?, Would anybody pay attention in the crowded sea of internet blogging?.

From my point of view, I am blogging because as a writer, and multitasking artist (Yes, sometimes men can multitask), I need the urge to write and give you some advice in this jungle that is the world wide web. And I need to wave my digital arms so people will see me in the middle of a tide of content.

Many years ago, in a far, far, past, being a writer meant writing a book, manuscript, poem or whatever and getting it published. It never was easy, but at least you had a fair chance. Nowadays, writing the book is the easy part. Trying to get it out there to your readers and the outside world is the most difficult bit.

If you are extremely lucky a publishing house will give you a pittance for your book and then, they will do whatever they want with it. Most likely you will never get a reply from them at all.

You can pay a company to publish your book. Then you will end up with a spare room full of boxes with your creation inside of them accumulating dust, but at least you´ll have enough presents for your friend and family to last you a decade.


Finally, you can go for self-publishing, auto-publishing or do it all yourself publishing. No matter how you call it, it means that you will have to take care of editing, marketing, publishing and a long etc….Bottom line, YOU WILL HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING.

I am not trying to discourage you at all, believe me. And I am trying to be as positive as I can be on a Monday morning. But unfortunately, things are pretty rough out there. I, myself, only been doing this for a very little time. And over these last few months I have learnt so many things that sometimes I thought that my brain was about to burst, and though I know my brain might not be the biggest, you will feel pretty overwhelmed yourself for sure. If you don´t believe me, read on and you shall find out.

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